IDataParameter.SourceVersion IDataParameter.SourceVersion IDataParameter.SourceVersion IDataParameter.SourceVersion Property


获取或设置要在加载 Value 时使用的 DataRowVersionGets or sets the DataRowVersion to use when loading Value.

 property System::Data::DataRowVersion SourceVersion { System::Data::DataRowVersion get(); void set(System::Data::DataRowVersion value); };
public System.Data.DataRowVersion SourceVersion { get; set; }
member this.SourceVersion : System.Data.DataRowVersion with get, set
Public Property SourceVersion As DataRowVersion


DataRowVersion 值之一。One of the DataRowVersion values. 默认值为 CurrentThe default is Current.


属性未设置为 DataRowVersion 值之一。The property was not set one of the DataRowVersion values.


下面的示例创建的实现类实例SqlParameter,并设置它的一些属性。The following example creates an instance of the implementing class, SqlParameter, and sets some of its properties.

public void CreateSqlParameter() 
    SqlParameter parameter = new SqlParameter(
        "@Description", SqlDbType.VarChar);
    parameter.IsNullable = true;
    parameter.SourceColumn = "Description";
    parameter.SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Current;
    parameter.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;
Public Sub CreateSqlParameter()
    Dim parameter As New SqlParameter( _
        "@Description", SqlDbType.VarChar)
    parameter.IsNullable = True
    parameter.SourceColumn = "Description"
    parameter.SourceVersion = DataRowVersion.Current
    parameter.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output
End Sub 


此属性由UpdateCommand期间Update以确定是否使用参数值的原始或当前值。This property is used by the UpdateCommand during the Update to determine whether the original or current value is used for a parameter value. 这样,要更新的主键。This allows primary keys to be updated. 此属性将忽略InsertCommandDeleteCommandThis property is ignored by the InsertCommand and DeleteCommand. 此属性设置为的新版DataRowItem[String, DataRowVersion]属性,或GetChildRows方法的DataRow对象。This property is set to the version of the DataRow used by the Item[String, DataRowVersion] property, or the GetChildRows method of the DataRow object.