SyndicationTextContentKind SyndicationTextContentKind SyndicationTextContentKind SyndicationTextContentKind Enum


用于标识联合项的文本内容的枚举。Enumeration used to identify text content of syndication item.

public enum class SyndicationTextContentKind
public enum SyndicationTextContentKind
type SyndicationTextContentKind = 
Public Enum SyndicationTextContentKind


Html Html Html Html 1

HTML 内容。HTML content.

Plaintext Plaintext Plaintext Plaintext 0

纯文本内容。Plain text content.

Xhtml Xhtml Xhtml Xhtml 2

XHTML 内容。XHTML content.


当你为TargetTextContentKind属性指定 Xhtml 值时, 必须确保属性值包含格式正确的 XML。When you specify a value of Xhtml for the TargetTextContentKind attribute, you must ensure that the property value contains properly formatted XML. 数据服务返回值,但不执行任何转换。The data service returns the value without performing any transformations. 还必须确保返回的 XML 中任何 XML 元素前缀在映射的源中定义了命名空间 URI 和前缀。You must also ensure that any XML element prefixes in the returned XML have a namespace URI and prefix defined in the mapped feed.