SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider Class


所有密钥存储提供程序的基类。Base class for all key store providers. 自定义提供程序必须从此类中派生而来并重写其成员函数,然后使用 SqlConnection.RegisterColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProviders() 对其进行注册。A custom provider must derive from this class and override its member functions and then register it using SqlConnection.RegisterColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProviders(). 有关详细信息,请参阅 Always EncryptedFor details see, Always Encrypted.

public ref class SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider abstract
public abstract class SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider
type SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider = class
Public MustInherit Class SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProvider



初始化 SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProviderClass 的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the SqlColumnEncryptionKeyStoreProviderClass.


DecryptColumnEncryptionKey(String, String, Byte[])

对列加密密钥的指定加密值进行解密。Decrypts the specified encrypted value of a column encryption key. 预期使用带有指定密钥路径的列主密钥并使用指定算法加密该加密值。The encrypted value is expected to be encrypted using the column master key with the specified key path and using the specified algorithm.

EncryptColumnEncryptionKey(String, String, Byte[])

使用具有指定密钥路径的列主密钥和使用指定的算法对列加密密钥进行加密。Encrypts a column encryption key using the column master key with the specified key path and using the specified algorithm.


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SignColumnMasterKeyMetadata(String, Boolean)

在派生类中实现时,使用 masterKeyPath 参数引用的列主密钥对列主密钥元数据进行数字签名。When implemented in a derived class, digitally signs the column master key metadata with the column master key referenced by the masterKeyPath parameter. 用于生成签名的输入值应为 masterKeyPathallowEnclaveComputations 参数的指定值。The input values used to generate the signature should be the specified values of the masterKeyPath and allowEnclaveComputations parameters.


返回表示当前对象的字符串。Returns a string that represents the current object.

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VerifyColumnMasterKeyMetadata(String, Boolean, Byte[])

在派生类中实现时,此方法应验证指定签名对于具有指定密钥路径和指定 enclave 行为的列主密钥是否有效。When implemented in a derived class, this method is expected to verify the specified signature is valid for the column master key with the specified key path and the specified enclave behavior. 默认实现会引发 NotImplementedException。The default implementation throws NotImplementedException.

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