UpdateStatus UpdateStatus UpdateStatus UpdateStatus Enum


指定在 Update(DataSet) 期间对当前行和其余行采取的操作。Specifies the action to take with regard to the current and remaining rows during an Update(DataSet).

public enum class UpdateStatus
public enum UpdateStatus
type UpdateStatus = 
Public Enum UpdateStatus


Continue Continue Continue Continue 0

DataAdapter 应继续处理行。The DataAdapter is to continue processing rows.

ErrorsOccurred ErrorsOccurred ErrorsOccurred ErrorsOccurred 1

事件处理程序报告:应将更新作为错误对待。The event handler reports that the update should be treated as an error.

SkipAllRemainingRows SkipAllRemainingRows SkipAllRemainingRows SkipAllRemainingRows 3

将不更新当前行和所有其余行。The current row and all remaining rows are not to be updated.

SkipCurrentRow SkipCurrentRow SkipCurrentRow SkipCurrentRow 2

将不更新当前行。The current row is not to be updated.