EventProvider.WriteEventErrorCode 枚举


定义最后一个写操作的可能状态。Defines the possible states of the last write operation.

public: enum class EventProvider::WriteEventErrorCode
public enum EventProvider.WriteEventErrorCode
type EventProvider.WriteEventErrorCode = 
Public Enum EventProvider.WriteEventErrorCode


EventTooBig 2

该事件大于会话缓冲区大小;事件不能跨多个缓冲区。The event is larger than the session buffer size; events cannot span buffers.

NoError 0

写入成功。The write was successful.

NoFreeBuffers 1

该会话已没有可用缓冲区可供写入。The session ran out of free buffers to write to. 这种情况可能会在事件发生率过高时出现,因为此时磁盘子系统会过载或者缓冲区数目会太小。This can occur during high event rates because the disk subsystem is overloaded or the number of buffers is too small. 事件将被丢弃,而不是阻塞,直至有更多缓冲区变得可用。Rather than blocking until more buffers become available, the event is dropped. 请考虑增加该会话缓冲区的数目和大小,或者减少写入事件的数目或大小。Consider increasing the number and size of the buffers for the session, or reducing the number of events written or the size of the events.


若要获取此枚举的实例, 请调用EventProvider.GetLastWriteEventError方法。To get an instance of this enumeration, call the EventProvider.GetLastWriteEventError method.

如果、和EventProvider.WriteMessageEvent方法EventProvider.WriteTransferEvent无法写入事件, 则设置此值。 EventProvider.WriteEventThe EventProvider.WriteEvent, EventProvider.WriteMessageEvent, and EventProvider.WriteTransferEvent methods set this value if they fail to write the event.