EventLogMode EventLogMode EventLogMode EventLogMode Enum


确定事件日志服务在日志达到其允许的最大大小时(事件日志已满时)处理事件日志的行为。Determines the behavior for the event log service handles an event log when the log reaches its maximum allowed size (when the event log is full).

public enum class EventLogMode
public enum EventLogMode
type EventLogMode = 
Public Enum EventLogMode


AutoBackup AutoBackup AutoBackup AutoBackup 1

存档已满的日志,不会覆盖事件。Archive the log when full, do not overwrite events. 必要时自动存档日志。The log is automatically archived when necessary. 不会覆盖任何事件。No events are overwritten.

Circular Circular Circular Circular 0

在日志文件已满时继续存储新事件。New events continue to be stored when the log file is full. 每个新传入的事件会替换日志中的最早事件。Each new incoming event replaces the oldest event in the log.

Retain Retain Retain Retain 2

不会覆盖事件。Do not overwrite events. 手动而非自动清除日志。Clear the log manually rather than automatically.