SourceLevels 枚举


指定由源开关和事件类型筛选器筛选的跟踪消息的级别。Specifies the levels of trace messages filtered by the source switch and event type filter.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class SourceLevels
public enum SourceLevels
type SourceLevels = 
Public Enum SourceLevels


ActivityTracing 65280

允许 StopStartSuspendTransferResume 事件通过。Allows the Stop, Start, Suspend, Transfer, and Resume events through.

All -1

允许所有事件通过。Allows all events through.

Critical 1

只允许 Critical 事件通过。Allows only Critical events through.

Error 3

允许 CriticalError 事件通过。Allows Critical and Error events through.

Information 15

允许 CriticalErrorWarningInformation 事件通过。Allows Critical, Error, Warning, and Information events through.

Off 0

不允许任何事件通过。Does not allow any events through.

Verbose 31

允许 CriticalErrorWarningInformationVerbose 事件通过。Allows Critical, Error, Warning, Information, and Verbose events through.

Warning 7

允许 CriticalErrorWarning 事件通过。Allows Critical, Error, and Warning events through.


源级别用于标识要TraceEventType跟踪的事件。The source levels identify the TraceEventType events that are to be traced. SourceSwitchSourceLevels使用枚举定义跟踪消息的事件级别, 该事件级别用于筛选要发送到跟踪侦听器的消息。The SourceSwitch class uses the SourceLevels enumeration to define the event level of the trace message to use for filtering messages to send to the trace listener.

EventTypeFilterSourceLevels使用枚举来确定跟踪侦听器是否应发出跟踪。The EventTypeFilter class uses the SourceLevels enumeration to determine whether a trace listener should emit a trace.