EventActivityOptions 枚举


指定活动开始和停止事件的跟踪。Specifies the tracking of activity start and stop events.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class EventActivityOptions
public enum EventActivityOptions
type EventActivityOptions = 
Public Enum EventActivityOptions


Detachable 8

允许重叠活动。Allow overlapping activities. 默认情况下,活动的开始和停止必须是嵌套的属性。By default, activity starts and stops must be property nested. 即,不允许开始 A、开始 B、停止 A、停止 B 的序列,将会导致 B 和 A 在同一时间停止。That is, a sequence of Start A, Start B, Stop A, Stop B is not allowed will result in B stopping at the same time as A.

Disable 2

关闭开始和停止跟踪。Turn off start and stop tracking.

None 0

使用开始和停止跟踪的默认行为。Use the default behavior for start and stop tracking.

Recursive 4

允许递归活动开始。Allow recursive activity starts. 默认情况下,活动不能是递归的。By default, an activity cannot be recursive. 即,不允许开始 A、开始 A、停止 A、停止 A 的序列。That is, a sequence of Start A, Start A, Stop A, Stop A is not allowed. 如果应用执行并且在调用另一个开始前有一些停止未达成,则会发生意外递归活动。Unintentional recursive activities can occur if the app executes and for some the stop is not reached before another start is called.