SchemaClassType 枚举


指定 ActiveDirectorySchemaClass 对象的类类型。Specifies the class type of an ActiveDirectorySchemaClass object.

public enum class SchemaClassType
public enum SchemaClassType
type SchemaClassType = 
Public Enum SchemaClassType


Abstract 2

此类是一个抽象‏‎‏‏‏‏‎‎类。The class is an abstract class.

Auxiliary 3

此类是一个辅助类。The class is an auxiliary class.

Structural 1

此类是一个结构类。The class is a structural class.

Type88 0

此类是一个 88 类型的类。The class is a type 88 class. 在 1993 年之前定义的类不需要包含在另一个类别中;在 X.500 1988 规范中不需要将类分配给类别。Classes defined before 1993 are not required to be included in another category; assigning classes to categories was not required in the X.500 1988 specification. 在 X.500 1993 标准之前定义的类默认为 1988 类。Classes defined prior to the X.500 1993 standards default to the 1988 class. 此类型的类通过 objectClassCategory 特性中的值“0”来指定。This type of class is specified by a value of 0 in the objectClassCategory attribute.