SyncFromAllServersOptions 枚举


指定执行同步时的其他选项。Specifies additional options when performing a synchronization.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class SyncFromAllServersOptions
public enum SyncFromAllServersOptions
type SyncFromAllServersOptions = 
Public Enum SyncFromAllServersOptions


AbortIfServerUnavailable 1

如果无法联系或访问任何服务器,将中止同步。Aborts the synchronization if any server cannot be contacted or if any server is unreachable.

CheckServerAlivenessOnly 8

禁用所有同步。Disables all synchronization. 分析拓朴并标识不可用的或无法访问的服务器。The topology is analyzed and unavailable or unreachable servers are identified.

CrossSite 64

同步跨越站点边界。Synchronizes across site boundaries. 默认情况下,此方法尝试仅与主系统所在的站点内的域控制器进行同步。By default, this method attempts to synchronize only with domain controllers in the same site as the home system. 设置此标志可尝试与企业林中的所有域控制器进行同步。Set this flag to attempt to synchronize with all domain controllers in the enterprise forest. 但是,域控制器只有在通过同步 (RPC) 传输连接时方可进行同步。However, the domain controllers can be synchronized only if connected by a synchronous (RPC) transport.

None 0

无同步选项。No synchronization options.

PushChangeOutward 32

使用可传递的复制将来自主服务器的更改推出到所有伙伴。Pushes changes from the home server out to all partners using transitive replication. 这颠倒了在正常执行模式下设置的复制方向和复制执行顺序。This reverses the direction of replication and the order of execution of the replication sets from the usual mode of execution.

SkipInitialCheck 16

假定所有服务器都在响应。Assumes that all servers are responding. 这将加快此方法的操作,但如果有些服务器没有响应,则可能会阻止某些可传递的复制。This will speed up the operation of this method, but if some servers are not responding, some transitive replications might be blocked.

SyncAdjacentServerOnly 2

禁用可传递的复制。Disables transitive replication. 仅执行与相邻服务器的同步。Synchronization is performed only with adjacent servers.