LocatorFlags LocatorFlags LocatorFlags LocatorFlags Enum


LocatorFlags 枚举指定定位域控制器所需要的数据。The LocatorFlags enumeration specifies data required to locate a domain controller.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class LocatorFlags
public enum LocatorFlags
type LocatorFlags = 
Public Enum LocatorFlags


AvoidSelf AvoidSelf AvoidSelf AvoidSelf 16384

指定返回的域控制器不能是当前计算机。Specifies that the domain controller returned should not be the current computer. 该值等于 16384 或 0x4000。The value is equal to 16384 or 0x4000.

DirectoryServicesPreferred DirectoryServicesPreferred DirectoryServicesPreferred DirectoryServicesPreferred 32

尝试查找支持目录服务功能(Windows 2000Windows 2000 或更高版本)的域控制器。Attempts to find a domain controller that supports directory service functions (Windows 2000Windows 2000 or later). 该值等于 32 或 0x20。The value is equal to 32 or 0x20.

DirectoryServicesRequired DirectoryServicesRequired DirectoryServicesRequired DirectoryServicesRequired 16

要求返回的域控制器支持 Windows 2000Windows 2000 或更高版本。Requires that the returned domain controller support Windows 2000Windows 2000 or later. 该值等于 16 或 0x10。The value is equal to 16 or 0x10.

ForceRediscovery ForceRediscovery ForceRediscovery ForceRediscovery 1

强制忽略缓存域控制器。Forces the cached domain controller to be ignored. 该值等于 1 或 0x1。The value is equal to 1 or 0x1.

GCRequired GCRequired GCRequired GCRequired 64

要求返回的域控制器为使用此域作为根的域目录林的全局目录服务器。Requires that the returned domain controller be a global catalog server for the forest of domains with this domain as the root. 该值等于 64 或 0x40。The value is equal to 64 or 0x40.

GoodTimeServerPreferred GoodTimeServerPreferred GoodTimeServerPreferred GoodTimeServerPreferred 8192

尝试查找作为可靠时间服务器的域控制器。Attempts to find a domain controller that is a reliable time server. 该值等于 8192 或 0x2000。The value is equal to 8192 or 0x2000.

IPRequired IPRequired IPRequired IPRequired 512

在 DomainControllerInfo 的 DomainControllerAddress 成员中设置域控制器的 Internet 协议地址。Sets the Internet protocol address of the domain controller in the DomainControllerAddress member of DomainControllerInfo. 该值等于 512 或 0x200。The value is equal to 512 or 0x200.

IsDnsName IsDnsName IsDnsName IsDnsName 131072

指定 DomainName 参数为 DNS 名。Specifies that the DomainName parameter is a DNS name. 该值等于 131072 或 0x20000。The value is equal to 131072 or 0x20000.

IsFlatName IsFlatName IsFlatName IsFlatName 65536

指定 DomainName 参数为平面名称。Specifies that the DomainName parameter is a flat name. 该值等于 65536 或 0x10000。The value is equal to 65536 or 0x10000.

KdcRequired KdcRequired KdcRequired KdcRequired 1024

要求返回的域控制器当前正在运行 Kerberos 密钥分发中心服务。Requires that the returned domain controller be currently running the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service. 该值等于 1024 或 0x400。The value is equal to 1024 or 0x400.

None None None None 0

不需要数据。No data required. 该值等于 0 或 0x0。The value is equal to 0 or 0x0.

OnlyLdapNeeded OnlyLdapNeeded OnlyLdapNeeded OnlyLdapNeeded 32768

指定返回的服务器为 LDAP 服务器。Specifies that the server returned is an LDAP server. 该值等于 32768 或 0x8000。The value is equal to 32768 or 0x8000.

PdcRequired PdcRequired PdcRequired PdcRequired 128

要求返回的域控制器为该域的主域控制器。Requires that the returned domain controller be the primary domain controller for the domain. 该值等于 128 或 0x80。The value is equal to 128 or 0x80.

ReturnDnsName ReturnDnsName ReturnDnsName ReturnDnsName 1073741824

指定返回的名称应为 DNS 名。Specifies that the name returned should be a DNS name. 该值等于 1073741824 或 0x40000000。The value is equal to 1073741824 or 0x40000000.

ReturnFlatName ReturnFlatName ReturnFlatName ReturnFlatName 2147483648

指定该名称应为平直名。Specifies that the name should be a flat name. 该值等于 2147483648 或 0x80000000。The value is equal to 2147483648 or 0x80000000.

TimeServerRequired TimeServerRequired TimeServerRequired TimeServerRequired 2048

要求返回的域控制器当前正在运行 Windows 时间服务。Requires that the returned domain controller be currently running the Windows Time Service. 该值等于 2048 或 0x800。The value is equal to 2048 or 0x800.

WriteableRequired WriteableRequired WriteableRequired WriteableRequired 4096

要求返回的域控制器为可写。Requires that the returned domain controller be writable. 该值等于 4096 或 0x1000。The value is equal to 4096 or 0x1000.