SecurityMasks SecurityMasks SecurityMasks SecurityMasks Enum


SecurityMasks 枚举指定各种安全描述符选项。The SecurityMasks enumeration specifies various security descriptor options.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class SecurityMasks
public enum SecurityMasks
type SecurityMasks = 
Public Enum SecurityMasks


Dacl Dacl Dacl Dacl 4

自由访问控制列表 (DACL) 安全描述符标志。The discretionary access control list (DACL) security descriptor flag. 该值等于 4 或 0x4。The value is equal to 4 or 0x4.

Group Group Group Group 2

主要组安全描述符标志。The primary group security descriptor flag. 该值等于 2 或 0x2。The value is equal to 2 or 0x2.

None None None None 0

未设置安全描述符标志。No security descriptor flag is set. 该值等于 0 或 0x0。The value is equal to 0 or 0x0.

Owner Owner Owner Owner 1

所有者安全描述符标志。The owner security descriptor flag. 该值等于 1 或 0x1。The value is equal to 1 or 0x1.

Sacl Sacl Sacl Sacl 8

系统访问控制列表 (SACL) 安全描述符标志。The system access control list (SACL) security descriptor flag. 该值等于 8 或 0x8。The value is equal to 8 or 0x8.