CompositingQuality 枚举


指定在复合期间使用的质量等级。Specifies the quality level to use during compositing.

public enum class CompositingQuality
public enum CompositingQuality
type CompositingQuality = 
Public Enum CompositingQuality


AssumeLinear 4

假定线性值。Assume linear values.

Default 0

默认质量。Default quality.

GammaCorrected 3

使用灰度校正。Gamma correction is used.

HighQuality 2

高质量、低速度复合。High quality, low speed compositing.

HighSpeed 1

高速度、低质量。High speed, low quality.

Invalid -1

无效质量。Invalid quality.


当源像素与目标像素组合在一起以生成生成的像素时,将在呈现过程中完成组合。Compositing is done during rendering when the source pixels are combined with the destination pixels to produce the resultant pixels. 合成质量直接与输出的视觉质量相关,并与渲染时间成正比。The quality of compositing directly relates to the visual quality of the output and is inversely proportional to the render time. 质量越高,呈现时间就越慢。The higher the quality, the slower the render time. 这是因为质量级别越高,在复合过程中需要考虑更多的像素。This is because the higher the quality level, the more surrounding pixels need to be taken into account during the composite. 线性质量设置(AssumeLinear)通过提供比默认质量稍低的质量更高的质量来损害。The linear quality setting (AssumeLinear) compromises by providing better quality than the default quality at a slightly lower speed.