InstallationFlags 枚举


RegistrationHelper 类一起使用的标志。Flags used with the RegistrationHelper class.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class InstallationFlags
public enum InstallationFlags
type InstallationFlags = 
Public Enum InstallationFlags


Configure 1024

不应使用。Should not be used.

ConfigureComponentsOnly 16

仅配置组件,不配置方法或接口。Configures components only, do not configure methods or interfaces.

CreateTargetApplication 2

创建目标应用程序。Creates the target application. 如果目标已经存在,则出错。An error occurs if the target already exists.

Default 0

执行默认安装,在此类安装中会执行配置、安装和注册步骤,并假设应用程序已存在。Do the default installation, which configures, installs, and registers, and assumes that the application already exists.

ExpectExistingTypeLib 1

不导出类型库;可以通过生成的或提供的类型库名称找到类型库。Do not export the type library; one can be found either by the generated or supplied type library name.

FindOrCreateTargetApplication 4

如果应用程序不存在,则创建应用程序;否则使用现有的应用程序。Creates the application if it does not exist; otherwise use the existing application.

Install 512

不应使用。Should not be used.

ReconfigureExistingApplication 8

如果使用现有的应用程序,请确保此应用程序的属性与程序集中的属性匹配。If using an existing application, ensures that the properties on this application match those in the assembly.

Register 256

不应使用。Should not be used.

ReportWarningsToConsole 32

当遇到警报文字时,将其写入控制台。When alert text is encountered, writes it to the Console.