IComSoapPublisher.UnRegisterAssembly(String) 方法


注销 COM 互操作程序集。Unregisters a COM interop assembly.

 void UnRegisterAssembly(System::String ^ AssemblyPath);
public void UnRegisterAssembly (string AssemblyPath);
abstract member UnRegisterAssembly : string -> unit
Public Sub UnRegisterAssembly (AssemblyPath As String)



程序集的文件系统路径。The file system path for the assembly.


调用链中的调用方无权访问非托管代码。A caller in the call chain does not have permission to access unmanaged code.

-or- 指定了不以“file://”开头的基本代码,且没有所需的 WebPermissionA codebase that does not start with "file://" was specified without the required WebPermission.

AssemblyPathnullAssemblyPath is null.

找不到 AssemblyPath 或者未指定文件扩展名。AssemblyPath is not found, or a file name extension is not specified.

AssemblyPath 不是有效的程序集。AssemblyPath is not a valid assembly.

用两个不同的证据将一个程序集或模块加载了两次,或程序集名称超过系统指定的最大长度。An assembly or module was loaded twice with two different evidences, or the assembly name exceeds the system-defined maximum length.

使用 ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute 标记的方法不是 static 方法。A method marked with ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute is not static.

-or- 在层次结构的给定级别有多个用 ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute 标记的方法。There is more than one method marked with ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute at a given level of the hierarchy.

-or- ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute 标记的方法的签名无效。The signature of the method marked with ComUnregisterFunctionAttribute is not valid.


的实现UnRegisterAssembly使用 Regasm 取消注册程序集中的可创建类。The implementation of UnRegisterAssembly uses Regasm.exe to unregister the creatable classes in the assembly. 有关详细信息,请参阅Regasm (程序集注册工具)For more information, see Regasm.exe (Assembly Registration Tool).