LogExtentState LogExtentState LogExtentState LogExtentState Enum


描述 LogExtent 实例的当前状态。Describes the current state of a LogExtent instance.

public enum class LogExtentState
public enum LogExtentState
type LogExtentState = 
Public Enum LogExtentState


Active Active Active Active 4

正使用 LogExtent 实例作为 LogStore 的存储区。The LogExtent instance is being used as storage for the LogStore.

ActivePendingDelete ActivePendingDelete ActivePendingDelete ActivePendingDelete 8

LogExtent 实例已标记为要删除,但仍然包含一些活动数据。The LogExtent instance is marked for deletion but still contains some active data.

Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive 2

LogExtent 实例已经分配给 LogStore,但不包含任何活动数据。The LogExtent instance has been allocated to the LogStore but does not contain any active data.

Initializing Initializing Initializing Initializing 1

LogExtent 实例尚未分配给 LogStoreThe LogExtent instance has not yet been allocated to the LogStore.

PendingArchive PendingArchive PendingArchive PendingArchive 16

LogExtent 实例不包含任何活动数据,但包含尚未存档的数据。The LogExtent instance does not contain any active data, but contains data that has not yet been archived.

PendingArchiveAndDelete PendingArchiveAndDelete PendingArchiveAndDelete PendingArchiveAndDelete 32

LogExtent 实例已标记为要删除,但仍然包含尚未存档的数据。The LogExtent instance is marked for deletion but still contains data that has not been archived.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 0

LogExtent 实例的状态未知。The status of the LogExtent instance is unknown.