LogStore.Extents 属性


获取一个日志范围集合,这些日志范围包含此日志存储区的数据。Gets the collection of log extents that contain the data for this log store.

 property System::IO::Log::LogExtentCollection ^ Extents { System::IO::Log::LogExtentCollection ^ get(); };
public System.IO.Log.LogExtentCollection Extents { get; }
member this.Extents : System.IO.Log.LogExtentCollection
Public ReadOnly Property Extents As LogExtentCollection


一个包含日志范围集合的 LogExtentCollection 实例,该集合中封装了此日志存储区的数据。A LogExtentCollection instance containing the collection of log extents that encapsulates data for this log store.


LogStore 实例将其数据存储在磁盘范围的集合中,这些范围由 LogExtent 实例表示。A LogStore instance stores its data in a collection of disk extents, represented by LogExtent instances. 给定 LogStore 实例中的所有范围都具有统一的大小,空间以范围增量的形式添加到 LogStore 实例中及从其中移除。The extents in a given LogStore instance are all of uniform size, and space is added to and removed from a LogStore instance in extent increments. 若要添加和移除日志范围,请使用由此属性返回的 Add 对象的 RemoveLogExtentCollection 方法。To add and remove log extents, use the Add and Remove methods of the LogExtentCollection object, which is returned by this property.