PutType PutType PutType PutType Enum


描述当使用 Put() 时将对象保存到 WMI 的可能效果。Describes the possible effects of saving an object to WMI when using Put().

public enum class PutType
public enum PutType
type PutType = 
Public Enum PutType


CreateOnly CreateOnly CreateOnly CreateOnly 2

只创建对象,并不更新现有对象。Creates an object only; does not update an existing object.

None None None None 0

未进行更改。No change.

UpdateOnly UpdateOnly UpdateOnly UpdateOnly 1

只更新现有对象,并不创建新对象。Updates an existing object only; does not create a new object.

UpdateOrCreate UpdateOrCreate UpdateOrCreate UpdateOrCreate 3

无论是更新现有对象还是创建新对象,均保存该对象。Saves the object, whether updating an existing object or creating a new object.