HashAlgorithm 枚举


指定对消息进行身份验证时消息队列所用的哈希算法。Specifies the hash algorithm used by Message Queuing when authenticating messages.

public enum class HashAlgorithm
public enum HashAlgorithm
type HashAlgorithm = 
Public Enum HashAlgorithm


Mac 32773

MAC 键控哈希算法。MAC keyed-hash algorithm.

Md2 32769

MD2 哈希算法。MD2 hashing algorithm.

Md4 32770

MD4 哈希算法。MD4 hashing algorithm.

Md5 32771

MD5 哈希算法。MD5 hashing algorithm.

None 0

未使用哈希算法。No hashing algorithm.

Sha 32772

SHA 哈希算法。SHA hashing algorithm.

Sha256 32780

SHA-256 哈希算法。SHA-256 hashing algorithm.

Sha384 32781

SHA-384 哈希算法。SHA-384 hashing algorithm.

Sha512 32782

SHA-512 哈希算法。SHA-512 hashing algorithm.


消息身份验证提供两个服务。Message authentication provides two services. 它提供一种方法来确保消息的完整性, 并提供一种方法来验证消息的发送者。It provides a way to ensure message integrity and a way to verify who sent the message. 若要请求身份验证, 发送应用程序必须设置要进行身份验证的消息的身份验证级别, 并将安全证书附加到消息。To request authentication, the sending application must set the authentication level of the message to be authenticated and attach a security certificate to the message.

若要对消息进行身份验证, 则在为消息创建数字签名时, 源计算机上的消息队列运行时 DLL 将使用哈希算法。To authenticate messages, the Message Queuing run-time DLL on the source computer uses a hashing algorithm when creating a digital signature for a message. 然后, 目标队列管理器使用相同的哈希算法在收到消息时对消息进行身份验证。The target Queue Manager then uses the same hashing algorithm to authenticate the message when it is received.

有关身份验证过程的详细信息, 请参阅 MSDN Library 中的消息队列身份验证主题。For more information about the authentication process, see the Message Queuing authentication topics in the MSDN Library.