FlowControl FlowControl FlowControl FlowControl Enum


描述指令如何改变控制流。Describes how an instruction alters the flow of control.

此 API 支持产品基础结构,不能在代码中直接使用。

public enum class FlowControl
public enum FlowControl
type FlowControl = 
Public Enum FlowControl


Branch Branch Branch Branch 0

分支指令。Branch instruction.

Break Break Break Break 1

中断指令。Break instruction.

Call Call Call Call 2

调用指令。Call instruction.

Cond_Branch Cond_Branch Cond_Branch Cond_Branch 3

条件分支指令。Conditional branch instruction.

Meta Meta Meta Meta 4

提供有关后面的指令的信息。Provides information about a subsequent instruction. 例如,Reflection.Emit.OpcodesUnaligned 指令具有 FlowControl.Meta 并且指定后面的指针指令可能是不对齐的。For example, the Unaligned instruction of Reflection.Emit.Opcodes has FlowControl.Meta and specifies that the subsequent pointer instruction might be unaligned.

Next Next Next Next 5

正常的控制流。Normal flow of control.

Phi Phi Phi Phi 6

此枚举器值是保留值,不应使用。This enumerator value is reserved and should not be used.

Return Return Return Return 7

返回指令。Return instruction.

Throw Throw Throw Throw 8

异常引发指令。Exception throw instruction.