_ConstructorInfo.IsFamilyAndAssembly _ConstructorInfo.IsFamilyAndAssembly _ConstructorInfo.IsFamilyAndAssembly _ConstructorInfo.IsFamilyAndAssembly Property


为 COM 对象提供对 IsFamilyAndAssembly 属性的与版本无关的访问。Provides COM objects with version-independent access to the IsFamilyAndAssembly property.

 property bool IsFamilyAndAssembly { bool get(); };
public bool IsFamilyAndAssembly { get; }
member this.IsFamilyAndAssembly : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsFamilyAndAssembly As Boolean


如果对此方法的访问只限于此类本身的成员和同一程序集中的派生类的成员,则为 true;否则为 falsetrue if access to this method is restricted to members of the class itself and to members of derived classes that are in the same assembly; otherwise, false.


此方法用于访问托管类到从非托管代码,不应从托管代码调用。This method is for access to managed classes from unmanaged code, and should not be called from managed code.

IsFamilyAndAssembly属性获取一个值,该值指示是否它们在同一程序集,是否可以由派生类中调用此方法。The IsFamilyAndAssembly property gets a value indicating whether this method can be called by derived classes if they are in the same assembly.