TypeLibTypeFlags 枚举


描述从中导入该类型的 COM 类型库中 TYPEFLAGS 的原始设置。Describes the original settings of the TYPEFLAGS in the COM type library from which the type was imported.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class TypeLibTypeFlags
public enum TypeLibTypeFlags
type TypeLibTypeFlags = 
Public Enum TypeLibTypeFlags


FAggregatable 1024

该类支持聚合。The class supports aggregation.

FAppObject 1

描述 Application 对象的类型说明。A type description that describes an Application object.

FCanCreate 2

可由 ITypeInfo::CreateInstance 创建该类型的实例。Instances of the type can be created by ITypeInfo::CreateInstance.

FControl 32

该类型是派生其他类型的控件,并且不应显示给用户。The type is a control from which other types will be derived, and should not be displayed to users.

FDispatchable 4096

指示该接口直接或间接从 IDispatch 派生。Indicates that the interface derives from IDispatch, either directly or indirectly.

FDual 64

该接口提供 IDispatch 和 V 表绑定。The interface supplies both IDispatch and V-table binding.

FHidden 16

该类型不应显示在浏览器中。The type should not be displayed to browsers.

FLicensed 4

该类型已授权。The type is licensed.

FNonExtensible 128

该接口在运行时无法添加成员。The interface cannot add members at run time.

FOleAutomation 256

该接口中使用的类型与自动化(包括 vtable 绑定支持)完全兼容。The types used in the interface are fully compatible with Automation, including vtable binding support.

FPreDeclId 8

该类型是预定义的。The type is predefined. 该客户端应用程序应自动创建具有此属性的对象的单个实例。The client application should automatically create a single instance of the object that has this attribute. 指向该对象的变量名称与该对象的类名相同。The name of the variable that points to the object is the same as the class name of the object.

FReplaceable 2048

该对象支持 IConnectionPointWithDefault,并且具有默认行为。The object supports IConnectionPointWithDefault, and has default behaviors.

FRestricted 512

此标志适用于系统级类型或类型浏览器不应显示的类型。This flag is intended for system-level types or types that type browsers should not display.

FReverseBind 8192

指示检查子接口前应先检查基接口的名称解析。Indicates base interfaces should be checked for name resolution before checking child interfaces. 这与默认行为相反。This is the reverse of the default behavior.


TypeLibTypeFlags与一起使用TypeLibTypeAttributeTypeLibTypeFlags is used along with the TypeLibTypeAttribute. 仅保留标志以供参考。The flags are retained for reference only. 它们不是由公共语言运行时使用。They are not used by the common language runtime.

有关详细信息, 请TYPEFLAGS参阅 MSDN 库中的。For more information, see TYPEFLAGS in the MSDN library.