UCOMIMoniker 接口



此 API 现已过时。

请改用 IMonikerUse IMoniker instead.

public interface class UCOMIMoniker
public interface UCOMIMoniker
[System.Obsolete("Use System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.IMoniker instead. https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=14202", false)]
public interface UCOMIMoniker
public interface UCOMIMoniker
type UCOMIMoniker = interface
Public Interface UCOMIMoniker


有关 IMonikerIPersistIPersistStream 接口的详细信息,请参阅 MSDN Library。For more information about the IMoniker, IPersist, and IPersistStream interfaces, see the MSDN Library.


BindToObject(UCOMIBindCtx, UCOMIMoniker, Guid, Object)

使用名字对象绑定到它所标识的对象。Uses the moniker to bind to the object it identifies.

BindToStorage(UCOMIBindCtx, UCOMIMoniker, Guid, Object)

检索指向存储(该存储包含名字对象所标识的对象)的接口指针。Retrieves an interface pointer to the storage that contains the object identified by the moniker.

CommonPrefixWith(UCOMIMoniker, UCOMIMoniker)

基于此名字对象与另一名字对象共有的公共前缀创建新的名字对象。Creates a new moniker based on the common prefix that this moniker shares with another moniker.

ComposeWith(UCOMIMoniker, Boolean, UCOMIMoniker)

将当前名字对象与另一名字对象组合,创建一个新的复合名字对象。Combines the current moniker with another moniker, creating a new composite moniker.

Enum(Boolean, UCOMIEnumMoniker)

提供一个指向枚举器(该枚举器可枚举复合名字对象的组件)的指针。Supplies a pointer to an enumerator that can enumerate the components of a composite moniker.


检索对象的类标识符 (CLSID)。Retrieves the class identifier (CLSID) of an object.

GetDisplayName(UCOMIBindCtx, UCOMIMoniker, String)

获取显示名称,该名称是此名字对象的用户可读表示形式。Gets the display name, which is a user-readable representation of this moniker.


返回保存该对象所需的流的大小(以字节为单位)。Returns the size in bytes of the stream needed to save the object.

GetTimeOfLastChange(UCOMIBindCtx, UCOMIMoniker, FILETIME)

提供一个数字,该数字表示此名字对象所标识的对象的上次更改时间。Provides a number representing the time the object identified by this moniker was last changed.


使用该名字对象的内部状态计算 32 位整数。Calculates a 32-bit integer using the internal state of the moniker.


提供一个名字对象,该名字对象在复合到此名字对象或一个结构相似的名字对象的右边时,不会复合到任何对象。Provides a moniker that, when composed to the right of this moniker or one of similar structure, composes to nothing.


检查该对象自上次保存以来所发生的更改。Checks the object for changes since it was last saved.


将该名字对象与指定的名字对象进行比较并指示它们是否相同。Compares this moniker with a specified moniker and indicates whether they are identical.

IsRunning(UCOMIBindCtx, UCOMIMoniker, UCOMIMoniker)

确定由该名字对象标识的对象当前是否已加载并正在运行。Determines whether the object that is identified by this moniker is currently loaded and running.


指示此名字对象是否属于系统提供的名字对象类之一。Indicates whether this moniker is of one of the system-supplied moniker classes.


从以前保存对象的流中初始化对象。Initializes an object from the stream where it was previously saved.

ParseDisplayName(UCOMIBindCtx, UCOMIMoniker, String, Int32, UCOMIMoniker)

读取指定的显示名称中它能够理解的全部字符并生成一个与读取的部分相对应的名字对象。Reads as many characters of the specified display name as it understands and builds a moniker corresponding to the portion read.

Reduce(UCOMIBindCtx, Int32, UCOMIMoniker, UCOMIMoniker)

返回简化的名字对象,它是与该名字对象引用同一对象但能够用相等或更高的效率绑定的另一个名字对象。Returns a reduced moniker which is another moniker that refers to the same object as this moniker but can be bound with equal or greater efficiency.

RelativePathTo(UCOMIMoniker, UCOMIMoniker)

提供一个名字对象,该名字对象在追加到此名字对象(或一个有相似结构的名字对象)时生成指定名字对象。Supplies a moniker that, when appended to this moniker (or one with a similar structure), yields the specified moniker.

Save(UCOMIStream, Boolean)

将对象保存到指定流。Saves an object to the specified stream.