IConstructionCallMessage.Activator 属性


获取或设置激活远程对象的激活器。Gets or sets the activator that activates the remote object.

 property System::Runtime::Remoting::Activation::IActivator ^ Activator { System::Runtime::Remoting::Activation::IActivator ^ get(); void set(System::Runtime::Remoting::Activation::IActivator ^ value); };
[get: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
[set: System.Security.SecurityCritical]
public System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation.IActivator Activator { get; set; }
member this.Activator : System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation.IActivator with get, set
Public Property Activator As IActivator


激活远程对象的激活器。The activator that activates the remote object.



直接调用方没有基础结构权限。The immediate caller does not have infrastructure permission.


在层次结构中安排的激活程序链通常会完成激活过程中涉及的各种任务。A chain of activators that are arranged in a hierarchy typically completes the various tasks that are involved in the activation process. 如果要插入自定义激活器, 则应该遍历激活器层次结构, 并在适当的位置插入激活器。If you intend to plug in a custom activator, then you should traverse the activator hierarchy and plug in your activator at the appropriate location. 使用由当前属性返回的激活器的属性来遍历激活器链。IActivator.NextActivatorUse the IActivator.NextActivator property on the activator that is returned by the current property to traverse the chain of activators.

如果你将自己的激活器添加到客户端上的消息激活器链中, 则可以根据需要对激活器进行序列化并将其传输到服务器端。If you add your own activator into the message's activator chain on the client side, the activator may be serialized and transported to the server side, if deemed necessary. 出于此原因, 自定义激活程序在序列化要求方面应该非常轻量。For this reason, custom activators should be fairly lightweight in terms of serialization requirements.


用于处理基础结构代码。For operating with infrastructure code. 关联的枚举:InfrastructureAssociated enumeration: Infrastructure