TrustStatus 枚举


标识分配给清单签名的可信度级别。Identifies the level of trustworthiness that is assigned to the signature for a manifest.

public enum class TrustStatus
public enum TrustStatus
type TrustStatus = 
Public Enum TrustStatus


KnownIdentity 2

该标识已知并且签名有效。The identity is known and the signature is valid. 有效的 Authenticode 签名提供标识。A valid Authenticode signature provides an identity.

Trusted 3

签名有效并且是由明确可信的发行者创建的。The signature is valid and was created by an explicitly trusted publisher.

UnknownIdentity 1

该标识未知并且签名无效。The identity is not known and the signature is invalid. 因为签名未经验证,所以无法确定标识。Because there is no verified signature, an identity cannot be determined.

Untrusted 0

签名由明确不可信发布者创建。The signature was created by an explicitly distrusted publisher.