DataProtectionPermissionFlags Enum


指定加密数据和内存的访问权限。Specifies the access permissions for encrypting data and memory.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class DataProtectionPermissionFlags
public enum DataProtectionPermissionFlags
public enum DataProtectionPermissionFlags
type DataProtectionPermissionFlags = 
Public Enum DataProtectionPermissionFlags


AllFlags 15

加密数据、加密内存、解密数据以及解密内存的能力。The ability to encrypt data, encrypt memory, unencrypt data, and unencrypt memory.

NoFlags 0

没有保护能力。No protection abilities.

ProtectData 1

加密数据的能力。The ability to encrypt data.

ProtectMemory 4

加密内存的能力。The ability to encrypt memory.

UnprotectData 2

解密数据的能力。The ability to unencrypt data.

UnprotectMemory 8

解密内存的能力。The ability to unencrypt memory.


此枚举由 DataProtectionPermissionDataProtectionPermissionAttribute 类使用,用 ProtectedDataProtectedMemory 类保护对加密数据和内存的访问。This enumeration is used by the DataProtectionPermission and DataProtectionPermissionAttribute classes to protect access to encrypted data and memory using the ProtectedData and ProtectedMemory classes.


其中的许多标志可能具有强大的效果,只应授予高度可信的代码。Many of these flags can have powerful effects and should be granted only to highly trusted code.

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