PolicyStatementAttribute 枚举


为代码组上的安全策略定义特殊的特性标志。Defines special attribute flags for security policy on code groups.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class PolicyStatementAttribute
public enum PolicyStatementAttribute
type PolicyStatementAttribute = 
Public Enum PolicyStatementAttribute


All 3

设置所有的特性标志。All attribute flags are set.

Exclusive 1

独占代码组标志。The exclusive code group flag. 当代码组设置此标志时,只将与该代码组关联的权限授予属于代码组的代码。When a code group has this flag set, only the permissions associated with that code group are granted to code belonging to the code group. 至多可以将一个与给定代码段匹配的代码组设置为独占性的。At most, one code group matching a given piece of code can be set as exclusive.

LevelFinal 2

标志,表示导致较低策略级别不被作为解析操作的一部分进行评估的策略语句,它实际上允许策略级别重写较低的级别。The flag representing a policy statement that causes lower policy levels to not be evaluated as part of the resolve operation, effectively allowing the policy level to override lower levels.

Nothing 0

不设置任何标志。No flags are set.


在策略语句上设置的属性标志控制代码组与其他代码组和其他策略级别的合并方式。Attribute flags set on policy statements control how code groups merge with other code groups and other policy levels.