TokenImpersonationLevel 枚举


定义安全模拟级别。Defines security impersonation levels. 安全模拟级别控制服务器进程可以在何种程度上代表客户端进程执行操作。Security impersonation levels govern the degree to which a server process can act on behalf of a client process.

public enum class TokenImpersonationLevel
public enum TokenImpersonationLevel
type TokenImpersonationLevel = 
Public Enum TokenImpersonationLevel


Anonymous 1

服务器进程无法获取有关客户端的标识信息,且无法模拟客户端。The server process cannot obtain identification information about the client, and it cannot impersonate the client.

Delegation 4

服务器进程可以在远程系统上模拟客户端的安全上下文。The server process can impersonate the client's security context on remote systems.

Identification 2

服务器进程可以获取有关客户端的信息(如安全标识符和特权),但是无法模拟客户端。The server process can obtain information about the client, such as security identifiers and privileges, but it cannot impersonate the client. 这对于导出自身对象的服务器非常有用,例如,导出表和视图的数据库产品。This is useful for servers that export their own objects, for example, database products that export tables and views. 在不能使用其他正使用客户端安全上下文的服务的情况下,服务器可以使用检索到的客户端安全信息做出访问验证决策。Using the retrieved client-security information, the server can make access-validation decisions without being able to use other services that are using the client's security context.

Impersonation 3

服务器进程可以在其本地系统上模拟客户端的安全上下文。The server process can impersonate the client's security context on its local system. 服务器无法在远程系统上模拟客户端。The server cannot impersonate the client on remote systems.

None 0

未指定模拟级别。An impersonation level is not assigned.


模拟是处理另一进程的安全属性的能力。Impersonation is the ability of a process to take on the security attributes of another process.