MessageState 枚举


指定消息的状态。Specifies the status of a message.

public enum class MessageState
public enum MessageState
type MessageState = 
Public Enum MessageState


Closed 4

消息已关闭,无法再进行访问。The message has been closed and can no longer be accessed.

Copied 3

消息已复制。The message has been copied.

Created 0

消息已创建。The message has been created.

Read 1

消息正在被读取。The message is being read.

Written 2

消息已写入。The message has been written.


由于 Message 对象的主体是流,因此只能读取或写入一次。As the body of a Message object is a stream, it can only be read or written once. 这是通过保持 Message 对象的当前状态来强制实施的。This is enforced by maintaining the current state of the Message object. 在处于 "已创建" 状态时,可读取/写入/复制 @no__t 0 对象。A Message object can be read/written/copied when in the Created state. 其他状态为 "读取"、"写入" 和 "复制",这意味着已执行了一次相应的操作。Other states are Read, Written and Copied, which means that the respective action has been performed already once.