DeadLetterQueue 枚举


指定要使用的死信队列类型。Specifies the type of dead-letter queue to be used.

public enum class DeadLetterQueue
public enum DeadLetterQueue
type DeadLetterQueue = 
Public Enum DeadLetterQueue


Custom 2

自定义死信队列。Custom dead-letter queue.

None 0

没有要使用的死信队列。No dead-letter queue is to be used.

System 1

使用系统级死信队列。Use the system-wide, dead-letter queue.


死信队列是发送应用程序的队列管理器中的一个队列,用于放置传递失败的过期消息。The dead-letter queue is a queue on the queue manager of the sending application for expired messages that have failed to be delivered. DeadLetterQueue 枚举指定要使用的死信队列的类型。The DeadLetterQueue enumeration specifies the type of dead-letter queue to use. 该属性的值有:The values are:

  • None:不需要死信队列。None: No dead-letter queue is required. 如果消息传递失败,则不会在死信队列中保留该消息的任何记录。If a message fails delivery, no record of it is maintained in the dead-letter queue. 这是当 ExactlyOnce 设置为 false 时的默认值。This is the default value when ExactlyOnce is set to false.

  • System:系统级死信队列用于记录传递失败的消息。System: The system-wide, dead-letter queue is used to record messages that fail delivery. MSMQ 具有一个事务性系统死信队列和一个非事务性系统死信队列,分别记录来自事务性队列和非事务性队列的传递失败的过期消息。MSMQ has a transactional, system, dead-letter queue and a non-transactional, system, dead-letter queue to record expired messages that failed delivery from transactional and non-transactional queues, respectively. 这是当 ExactlyOnce 设置为 true 时的默认值。This is the default value when ExactlyOnce is set to true.

  • Custom:CustomDeadLetterQueue 中指定的队列用于记录传递失败的消息。Custom: The queue specified in the CustomDeadLetterQueue is used to record messages that fail delivery.

以下任何原因都可能导致消息无法到达接收应用程序:A message can fail to reach the receiving application for any of the following reasons:

  • 事务性消息被发送到非事务性队列中。A transactional message is sent to a non-transactional queue.

  • 非事务性消息被发送到事务性队列中。A non-transactional message is sent to a transactional queue.

  • 未经身份验证的消息被发送到仅接受经过身份验证的消息的队列中。An unauthenticated message is sent to a queue that accepts only authenticated messages.

  • 未加密的消息被发送到仅接受加密消息的队列中。An unencrypted message is sent to a queue that accepts only encrypted messages.

  • 消息传递到接收方之前,其生存时间值到期。The message's time-to-live value expires before the message is delivered to a receiver.

  • 超出了目标计算机的消息存储配额或目标队列的存储配额,或者在消息到达时目标计算机上没有可用的存储空间。The message storage quota of the target computer or the storage quota of the destination queue is exceeded, or there is no available storage space on the target computer when the message arrives.

  • 发送方没有将消息放入目标队列所需的访问权限The sender does not have the access rights required to place the message in the destination queue.

  • 附加在消息上的数字签名无效。The digital signature attached to the message is not valid.

  • 加密的消息不能由目标队列管理器解密。An encrypted message cannot be decrypted by the destination queue manager.

  • 目标队列在检索消息之前被清除或删除。The destination queue is purged or deleted before the message is retrieved.