PerformanceCounterScope 枚举


指定是否启用程序集的性能计数器。Specifies whether performance counters for the assembly are enabled.

public enum class PerformanceCounterScope
public enum PerformanceCounterScope
type PerformanceCounterScope = 
Public Enum PerformanceCounterScope


All 2

可以在运行时查看性能计数器。Performance counters can be viewed at runtime.

Default 3

创建单个性能计数器实例 _WCF_Admin。A single performance counter instance _WCF_Admin is created. 此实例用于启用基础结构所使用的 SQM 数据的集合。This instance is used to enable the collection of SQM data for used by the infrastructure. 此实例的计数器值均未进行更新,因此将保持为零。None of the counter values for this instance are updated and therefore will remain at zero. 这是在 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 没有配置的情况下的默认值。This is the default value if no configuration is present for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Off 0

性能计数器被禁用。Performance counters are disabled. 这是默认值。This is the default value.

ServiceOnly 1

只启用与此服务相关的性能计数器。Only performance counters relevant to this service is enabled.


该枚举用于配置 PerformanceCounters 属性以指示是否为诊断目的而启用性能计数器。This enumeration is used to configure the PerformanceCounters property to indicate whether performance counters are enabled for diagnostics purpose.