RefreshInfo RefreshInfo RefreshInfo RefreshInfo Class


定义对等解析程序服务进行注册项刷新时要使用的信息。Defines the information for the refresh of a registration entry by a peer resolver service.

public ref class RefreshInfo
public class RefreshInfo
type RefreshInfo = class
Public Class RefreshInfo


对等解析程序服务刷新项时,它会设置该项的新过期时间。When a peer resolver service refreshes an entry, it sets a new expiry on that entry. 对于所有要刷新其过期时间的对等节点,都必须向对等解析程序服务提供此对象的实例;否则,要刷新的项将会被标记为已失效,将会在清理结束后的一段特定时间间隔后被删除。An instance of this object must be supplied to the peer resolver service for each peer node that should have its expiration refreshed; otherwise, the entry is marked as stale and will be deleted after a specific interval for cleanup has passed.

此类的实例主要用于从解析程序服务的网络客户端到该服务传递信息。Instances of this class are primarily used to pass information to the resolver service from a network client of that service.


RefreshInfo() RefreshInfo() RefreshInfo() RefreshInfo()

初始化 RefreshInfo 类的新默认实例。Initializes a new default instance of the RefreshInfo class.

RefreshInfo(String, Guid) RefreshInfo(String, Guid) RefreshInfo(String, Guid) RefreshInfo(String, Guid)

利用所提供的网络 ID 和唯一注册 ID 初始化 RefreshInfo 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the RefreshInfo class with the provided mesh ID and unique registration ID.


MeshId MeshId MeshId MeshId

获取要刷新的注册项的网络 ID。Gets the mesh ID of the registration entry to refresh.

RegistrationId RegistrationId RegistrationId RegistrationId

获取要刷新的注册项的唯一注册 ID。Gets the unique registration ID of the registration entry to refresh.


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