ProsodyPitch ProsodyPitch ProsodyPitch ProsodyPitch Enum


枚举特定 Pitch 对象的 Prosody 属性的值。Enumerates values for the Pitch property of a Prosody object.

public enum class ProsodyPitch
public enum ProsodyPitch
type ProsodyPitch = 
Public Enum ProsodyPitch


Default Default Default Default 0

指示普通间距范围。Indicates a normal pitch range.

ExtraHigh ExtraHigh ExtraHigh ExtraHigh 5

指示超高间距范围。Indicates an extra- high pitch range.

ExtraLow ExtraLow ExtraLow ExtraLow 1

指示超低间距范围。Indicates an extra-low pitch range.

High High High High 4

指示高间距范围。Indicates a high pitch range.

Low Low Low Low 2

指示低间距范围。Indicates a low pitch range.

Medium Medium Medium Medium 3

指示中间距范围。Indicates a medium pitch range.