ProsodyRate ProsodyRate ProsodyRate ProsodyRate Enum


枚举特定 Rate 对象的 Prosody 属性的值。Enumerates values for the Rate property of a Prosody object.

public enum class ProsodyRate
public enum ProsodyRate
type ProsodyRate = 
Public Enum ProsodyRate


Default Default Default Default 0

指示引擎特定默认频率。Indicates the engine-specific default rate.

ExtraFast ExtraFast ExtraFast ExtraFast 5

指示超快速度。Indicates an extra-fast rate.

ExtraSlow ExtraSlow ExtraSlow ExtraSlow 1

指示超慢速度。Indicates an extra-slow rate.

Fast Fast Fast Fast 4

指示快速度。Indicates a fast rate.

Medium Medium Medium Medium 3

指示中等速率。Indicates a medium rate.

Slow Slow Slow Slow 2

指示慢速度。Indicates a slow rate.