HttpWorkerRequest.HeaderContentMd5 字段


指定 Content-MD5HTTP 标头的索引号。Specifies the index number for the Content-MD5 HTTP header.

public: int HeaderContentMd5 = 16;
public const int HeaderContentMd5 = 16;
val mutable HeaderContentMd5 : int
Public Const HeaderContentMd5 As Integer  = 16



.NET Framework 为每个标准 HTTP 标头类型分配索引号,以便在 GetKnownRequestHeaderSendKnownResponseHeader 方法中使用。The .NET Framework assigns an index number to each standard HTTP header type, for use in the GetKnownRequestHeader and SendKnownResponseHeader methods.

由于 MD5 出现冲突问题,Microsoft 建议使用基于 SHA256 或更高版本的安全模型。Due to collision problems with MD5, Microsoft recommends a security model based on SHA256 or better.