ServiceDescriptionImportStyle 枚举


指定是对服务器还是对客户端计算机进行导入。Specifies whether the import is made to the server or to the client computer.

public enum class ServiceDescriptionImportStyle
public enum ServiceDescriptionImportStyle
type ServiceDescriptionImportStyle = 
Public Enum ServiceDescriptionImportStyle


Client 0

指定应该对客户端计算机进行导入。Specifies that the import should be made to the client computer.

Server 1

指定应该对服务器进行导入。Specifies that the import should be made to the server.

ServerInterface 2

指定应该对服务器接口进行导入。Specifies that the import should be made to a server interface.


#using <System.Web.Services.dll>
#using <System.dll>
#using <System.Xml.dll>

using namespace System;
using namespace System::Web::Services::Description;
int main()
      ServiceDescription^ myServiceDescription = ServiceDescription::Read( "Sample_cpp.wsdl" );
      ServiceDescriptionImporter^ myImporter = gcnew ServiceDescriptionImporter;
      myImporter->ProtocolName = "Soap";
      myImporter->AddServiceDescription( myServiceDescription, "", "" );
      ServiceDescriptionImportStyle myStyle = myImporter->Style;
      Console::WriteLine( "Import style: {0}", myStyle );
   catch ( Exception^ e ) 
      Console::WriteLine( "Following exception was thrown: {0}", e );


using System;
using System.Web.Services.Description;

namespace MyServiceDescription
   class MyImporter
      public static void Main()
            ServiceDescription myServiceDescription =

            ServiceDescriptionImporter myImporter =
               new ServiceDescriptionImporter();

            myImporter.ProtocolName = "Soap";
            myImporter.AddServiceDescription(myServiceDescription, "", "");
            ServiceDescriptionImportStyle myStyle = myImporter.Style;
            Console.WriteLine("Import style: " + myStyle.ToString());
         catch (Exception e)
            Console.WriteLine("Following exception was thrown: "
               + e.ToString());
Imports System.Web.Services.Description

Namespace MyServiceDescription
   Class MyImporter
      Public Shared Sub Main()
            Dim myServiceDescription As ServiceDescription = _
            Dim myImporter As New ServiceDescriptionImporter()
            myImporter.ProtocolName = "Soap"
            myImporter.AddServiceDescription(myServiceDescription, "", "")
            Dim myStyle As ServiceDescriptionImportstyle = myImporter.Style
            Console.WriteLine("Import style: " + myStyle.ToString())
         Catch e As Exception
            Console.WriteLine("Following exception was thrown: " + e.ToString())
         End Try
      End Sub
   End Class
End Namespace 'MyServiceDescription


对客户端计算机进行的导入将生成一个代理类,其中包含同步和异步方法,以调用 XML Web service 中的每个方法。An import made to the client computer generates a proxy class with synchronous and asynchronous methods to invoke each method within an XML Web service. 另一方面,服务器导入会生成包含抽象成员的抽象类,必须重写此抽象类才能提供所需的实现。A server import, on the other hand, generates an abstract class with abstract members, which you must override to provide the implementation you need.