SoapBindingUse 枚举


指定消息部分是作为抽象类型定义还是具体架构定义编码。Specifies whether the message parts are encoded as abstract type definitions or concrete schema definitions.

public enum class SoapBindingUse
public enum SoapBindingUse
type SoapBindingUse = 
Public Enum SoapBindingUse


Default 0

为相应的 XML use 特性指定空字符串 ("") 值。Specifies an empty string ("") value for the corresponding XML use attribute.

Encoded 1

使用给定的编码规则对消息部分进行编码。The message parts are encoded using given encoding rules.

Literal 2

消息部分表示具体架构。The message parts represent a concrete schema.


此枚举适用于指定数据传输使用 SOAP 协议以及添加到和实例的扩展性元素 FaultBinding InputBinding OutputBindingThis enumeration applies to extensibility elements which specify that data transmissions use the SOAP protocol, and which are added to FaultBinding, InputBinding and OutputBinding instances.

有关为 XML Web services 指定协议的详细信息,请参阅 使用 ASP.NET 的 Xml Web servicesFor more information about specifying protocols for XML Web services, see XML Web Services Using ASP.NET. 有关 Web Services 描述语言 (WSDL) 的详细信息,请参阅 wsdl 规范。For more information about Web Services Description Language (WSDL), see the WSDL specification.