Control.DataKeysContainer Control.DataKeysContainer Control.DataKeysContainer Control.DataKeysContainer Property


如果命名容器实现 IDataKeysControl,则获取对命名容器的引用。Gets a reference to the naming container if the naming container implements IDataKeysControl.

 property System::Web::UI::Control ^ DataKeysContainer { System::Web::UI::Control ^ get(); };
public System.Web.UI.Control DataKeysContainer { get; }
member this.DataKeysContainer : System.Web.UI.Control
Public ReadOnly Property DataKeysContainer As Control


命名容器。The naming container. 在实现 IDataKeysControl 的命名容器的层次结构中,该属性返回位于层次结构顶部的命名容器,或者,如果当前 Control 对象不在实现 IDataKeysControl 的命名容器中,则返回 nullIn a hierarchy of naming containers that implement IDataKeysControl, the property returns the naming container at the top of the hierarchy, or null if the current Control object is not in a naming container that implements IDataKeysControl.