AxisEnabled 枚举


指定轴的状态。Specifies the state of an axis.

public enum class AxisEnabled
public enum AxisEnabled
type AxisEnabled = 
Public Enum AxisEnabled


Auto 0

只有将轴用于绘制 Series 时,才启用轴。The axis is only enabled if it used to plot a Series.

False 2

轴从未启用。The axis is never enabled.

True 1

始终启用轴。The axis is always enabled.


AxisEnabled 枚举Enabled与属性一起使用, 以启用或禁用轴。The AxisEnabled enumeration is used with the Enabled property to enable or disable an axis.

如果将Series属性设置为 "自动", 则可能会显示轴, 也可能不会显示, 具体取决于它是否用于绘制。 EnabledIf the Enabled property is set to Auto, an axis may or may not be displayed, depending on whether it is being used to plot a Series. 用于绘制序列数据的轴由XAxisTypeYAxisType属性设置确定。The axes that are used to plot data for a series are determined by the XAxisType and YAxisType property settings.