MobileControl.InnerText 属性


返回该控件内部的文本。Returns the text inside the control. 该内部文本可能是子控件中文本的组合。The inner text might be a combination of text from child controls. 此 API 已废弃不用。This API is obsolete. 若要了解如何开发 ASP.NET 移动应用,请参阅 Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP.NET (ASP.NET 移动应用和网站)。For information about how to develop ASP.NET mobile applications, see Mobile Apps & Sites with ASP.NET.

 property System::String ^ InnerText { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
protected string InnerText { get; set; }
member this.InnerText : string with get, set
Protected Property InnerText As String


控件内部的文本。The text inside the control.


内部文本包含运行时标记,而派生控件不允许在内部文本中使用标记。the inner text contains markup tags at run time, and the derived control does not allow markup tags in inner text.

用于设置此属性的值包含新行字符,而派生控件不允许使用多行文本。the value used to set this property contains new line characters and the derived control does not allow multiple lines of text.