TableRowSection 枚举


指定 TableRow 对象在 Table 控件中的放置位置。Specifies where a TableRow object is placed in a Table control.

public enum class TableRowSection
public enum TableRowSection
type TableRowSection = 
Public Enum TableRowSection


TableBody 1

TableRow 放置在 Table 的正文中。The TableRow is placed in the body of the Table.

TableFooter 2

TableRow 放置在 Table 的脚注中。The TableRow is placed in the footer of the Table.

TableHeader 0

TableRow 放置在 Table 的标题中。The TableRow is placed in the header of the Table.


枚举指定TableRow对象是放置在Table控件的正文、页眉或页脚中。 TableRowSectionThe TableRowSection enumeration specifies whether a TableRow object is placed in the body, header, or footer of a Table control.

枚举表示TableRow类的TableSection属性的可能值。 TableRowSectionThe TableRowSection enumeration represents the possible values for the TableSection property of the TableRow class.

tbody Table thead枚举使你可以通过将、和tfoot元素添加到呈现给客户端的 HTML 来使用控件生成可访问的网站。 TableRowSectionThe TableRowSection enumeration enables you to build accessible Web sites using the Table control by adding the thead, tbody, and tfoot elements to the HTML that is rendered to the client. 如果表中的所有行都在tbody元素中, 则不会呈现该部分的信息。If all rows in a table are in the tbody element, the section information is not rendered. 在非主体元素中必须至少有一行。At least one row must be in a non-body element.

使用声明性语法时, 部分必须按以下顺序排列: 页眉、正文和页脚。When using the declarative syntax, the sections must be in the following order: header, body, and then footer.