ControlType.Custom 字段


标识一个控件,该控件不属于已定义的控件类型之一。Identifies a control that is not one of the defined control types.

public: static initonly System::Windows::Automation::ControlType ^ Custom;
public static readonly System.Windows.Automation.ControlType Custom;
 staticval mutable Custom : System.Windows.Automation.ControlType
Public Shared ReadOnly Custom As ControlType 




Custom控件类型指示未标识为预定义控件类型之一 (如 Button 或) 的控件 CalendarThe Custom control type indicates a control that is not identified as one of the predefined control types (such as Button or Calendar).

控件开发人员应检查其他控件类型,然后将其控件指定为 Custom 控件类型,以确保其控件不提供与定义的控件类型之一相同的功能。Control developers should check the other control types before designating their control as a Custom control type to be sure that their control does not provide the same functionality as one of the defined control types.

Custom控件类型需要提供程序的额外工作才能实现 UI 自动化。A Custom control type requires extra work for the provider to implement UI Automation. 此外,UI 自动化客户端产品将无法根据控件的控件类型预测控件结构、键盘交互和可能的控件模式。Also, UI Automation client products will not be able to anticipate the control structure, keyboard interaction, and possible control patterns based on the control type of the control.