AnimationStyle 枚举


表示 AnimationStyleAttribute 的值。Represents values for AnimationStyleAttribute.

public enum class AnimationStyle
public enum AnimationStyle
type AnimationStyle = 
Public Enum AnimationStyle


BlinkingBackground 2

指定字体和背景的颜色在指定颜色和对比颜色间来回改变。Specifies that the font and background alternate between assigned colors and contrasting colors.

LasVegasLights 1

指定边界矩形显示一个交替使用不同颜色的图标的边框。Specifies that the bounding rectangle displays a border of alternating icons of different colors.

MarchingBlackAnts 4

指定边框显示不断移动的黑色虚线。Specifies that the bounding rectangle displays moving black dashes.

MarchingRedAnts 5

指定边框显示不断移动的红色虚线。Specifies that the bounding rectangle displays moving red dashes.

None 0

指定不使用任何动画样式。Specifies that there is no animation style.

Other -1

指定动画样式为在 AnimationStyle 枚举中没有显式列举的样式。Specifies that the animation style is one not explicitly itemized in the AnimationStyle enumeration.

Shimmer 6

指定字体在实心和模糊之间来回交替。Specifies that the font alternates between solid and blurred.

SparkleText 3

指定在背景上显示不断闪动且带有多种颜色的图标。Specifies that the background displays flashing, multi-colored icons.


动画仅出现在屏幕上;动画文本打印, 但动画效果不会。Animations appear on the screen only; the animated text prints, but the animation effect does not.