BaseValueSource 枚举


标识特定依赖属性值的属性系统源。Identifies the property system source of a particular dependency property value.

public enum class BaseValueSource
public enum BaseValueSource
type BaseValueSource = 
Public Enum BaseValueSource


Default 1

源是由属性元数据定义的默认值。Source is the default value, as defined by property metadata.

DefaultStyle 3

源来自默认样式中的资源库。Source is from a setter in the default style. 默认样式来自当前主题。The default style comes from the current theme.

DefaultStyleTrigger 4

源来自默认样式中的触发器。Source is from a trigger in the default style. 默认样式来自当前主题。The default style comes from the current theme.

ImplicitStyleReference 8

源是一个隐式样式引用(样式基于检测到的类型或基类型)。Source is an implicit style reference (style was based on detected type or based type). 仅为 Style 属性本身返回该值,而不会为通过此类样式的资源库或触发器设置的属性返回该值。This value is only returned for the Style property itself, not for properties that are set through setters or triggers of such a style.

Inherited 2

源是通过属性值继承得到的值。Source is a value through property value inheritance.

Local 11

源是本地设置的值。Source is a locally set value.

ParentTemplate 9

源基于元素所使用的父模板。Source is based on a parent template being used by an element.

ParentTemplateTrigger 10

源是一个基于触发器的值,该值来自创建元素的父模板。Source is a trigger-based value from a parent template that created the element.

Style 5

源来自非主题样式的样式资源库。Source is from a style setter of a non-theme style.

StyleTrigger 7

源是非主题样式基于触发器的值。Source is a trigger-based value of a non-theme style.

TemplateTrigger 6

源是某个模板中基于触发器的值,该模板来自非主题样式。Source is a trigger-based value in a template that is from a non-theme style.

Unknown 0

源未知。Source is not known. 这是默认值。This is the default value.


此枚举由ValueSource结构中的属性使用, 后者又是通过对特定依赖属性GetValueSource调用方法来获取的。This enumeration is used by a property within the ValueSource structure, which in turn is obtained by calling a GetValueSource method against a particular dependency property.

此枚举的每个值指示总体WPFWPF属性系统的一个特定方面负责确定特定依赖对象上某个依赖属性值的有效值。Each value of this enumeration indicates that a particular aspect of the overall WPFWPF property system was responsible for the effective value determination of a certain dependency property value on a specific dependency object. 若要了解有关WPFWPF属性系统的详细信息以及属性系统每个方面的操作优先级, 请参阅依赖属性值优先级To learn more about the WPFWPF property system and the precedence at which each aspect of the property system operates, see Dependency Property Value Precedence.

值 Default 不是枚举的默认值。The value Default is not the default value of the enumeration.