Popup.GetUIParentCore 方法


返回 Popup 的逻辑父级。Returns the logical parent of a Popup.

protected public:
 override System::Windows::DependencyObject ^ GetUIParentCore();
protected internal override System.Windows.DependencyObject GetUIParentCore ();
override this.GetUIParentCore : unit -> System.Windows.DependencyObject
Protected Friend Overrides Function GetUIParentCore () As DependencyObject


如果 Popup 不包含定义的父级,并且 PlacementTarget 不为 null,则返回 PlacementTargetIf the Popup does not have a defined parent and the PlacementTarget is not null, the PlacementTarget is returned. 否则,返回值与 GetUIParentCore() 相同。Otherwise, the return values are the same as GetUIParentCore().