DragEventArgs.Effects Property


获取或设置目标拖放操作。Gets or sets the target drag-and-drop operation.

 property System::Windows::DragDropEffects Effects { System::Windows::DragDropEffects get(); void set(System::Windows::DragDropEffects value); };
public System.Windows.DragDropEffects Effects { get; set; }
member this.Effects : System.Windows.DragDropEffects with get, set
Public Property Effects As DragDropEffects

Property Value


DragDropEffects 枚举的成员,指定目标拖放操作。A member of the DragDropEffects enumeration specifying the target drag-and-drop operation.


默认情况下,此属性中指定的效果决定拖放操作目标的鼠标光标。By default, the effect specified in this property determines the mouse cursor for the target of a drag-and-drop operation. 这对于向用户提供有关删除相应对象时将发生的操作的反馈非常有用。This is useful to provide feedback to the user on the operation that will occur when the corresponding object is dropped.

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