DataFormats.CommaSeparatedValue DataFormats.CommaSeparatedValue DataFormats.CommaSeparatedValue DataFormats.CommaSeparatedValue Field


指定以逗号分隔值 (CSV) 的格式,这是电子表格常用的交换格式。Specifies a comma-separated value (CSV) format, which is a common interchange format used by spreadsheets. Windows 窗体不直接使用此格式。This format is not used directly by Windows Forms. static 字段是只读的。This static field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::String ^ CommaSeparatedValue;
public static readonly string CommaSeparatedValue;
 staticval mutable CommaSeparatedValue : string
Public Shared ReadOnly CommaSeparatedValue As String 



使用此字段IDataObject接口和DataObject类,以指定的数据类型。This field is used by the IDataObject interface and the DataObject class to specify the data type.

在将添加到IDataObject或实现DataObject,将该字段的格式用作IDataObject.SetDataDataObject.SetData方法。When adding to an IDataObject or to an implementation of DataObject, use this field as the format for the IDataObject.SetData and DataObject.SetData methods.

若要查看此类型的对象是否存在,请使用此字段为的格式IDataObject.GetDataPresentDataObject.GetDataPresent方法。To see if an object of this type exists, use this field as the format for the IDataObject.GetDataPresent and DataObject.GetDataPresent methods.

若要获取此类型的对象,使用此为格式IDataObject.GetDataDataObject.GetData方法。To get an object of this type, use this as the format for the IDataObject.GetData and DataObject.GetData methods.