DataFormats.Html 字段


指定 HTML 剪贴板格式中的文本。Specifies text in the HTML Clipboard format. static 字段是只读的。This static field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::String ^ Html;
public static readonly string Html;
 staticval mutable Html : string
Public Shared ReadOnly Html As String 




接口和类使用此字段 IDataObject DataObject 来指示 CF_HTML 剪贴板数据类型。This field is used by the IDataObject interface and the DataObject class to indicate the CF_HTML clipboard data type. 有关此格式的详细信息,请参阅 HTML 剪贴板格式For more information about this format, see HTML Clipboard Format.

将添加到 IDataObject 或的实现时 DataObject ,请使用此字段作为 IDataObject.SetData 和方法的格式 DataObject.SetDataWhen adding to an IDataObject or to an implementation of DataObject, use this field as the format for the IDataObject.SetData and DataObject.SetData methods.

若要查看此类型的对象是否存在,请使用此字段作为 IDataObject.GetDataPresent 和方法的格式 DataObject.GetDataPresentTo see if an object of this type exists, use this field as the format for the IDataObject.GetDataPresent and DataObject.GetDataPresent methods.

若要获取此类型的对象,请将此类型用作 IDataObject.GetData 和方法的格式 DataObject.GetDataTo get an object of this type, use this as the format for the IDataObject.GetData and DataObject.GetData methods.