SelectionRules 枚举


定义用于指示组件的选择规则的标识符。Defines identifiers that are used to indicate selection rules for a component.

此枚举有一个 FlagsAttribute 属性,允许按位组合成员值。

public enum class SelectionRules
public enum SelectionRules
type SelectionRules = 
Public Enum SelectionRules


AllSizeable 15

指示组件支持在各个方向调整大小。Indicates the component supports sizing in all directions.

BottomSizeable 2

指示组件支持从底端调整大小。Indicates the component supports resize from the bottom.

LeftSizeable 4

指示组件支持从左边调整大小。Indicates the component supports resize from the left.

Locked -2147483648

指示组件被锁定到其容器。Indicates the component is locked to its container. 重写此枚举的 MoveableAllSizeableBottomSizeableLeftSizeableRightSizeableTopSizeable 位标志。Overrides the Moveable, AllSizeable, BottomSizeable, LeftSizeable, RightSizeable, and TopSizeable bit flags of this enumeration.

Moveable 268435456

指示组件支持允许将它移动到屏幕上的位置属性。Indicates the component supports a location property that allows it to be moved on the screen.

None 0

指示没有特殊选择特性。Indicates no special selection attributes.

RightSizeable 8

指示组件支持从右边调整大小。Indicates the component supports resize from the right.

TopSizeable 1

指示组件支持从顶端调整大小。Indicates the component supports resize from the top.

Visible 1073741824

指示组件具有某种形式的可视用户界面并且选择服务正围绕此用户界面绘制选择边框。Indicates the component has some form of visible user interface and the selection service is drawing a selection border around this user interface. 如果所选组件具有此规则集,可假定此组件实现 IComponent,并且它与对应的设计器实例关联。If a selected component has this rule set, you can assume that the component implements IComponent and that it is associated with a corresponding designer instance.


这些标识符指示组件是否具有某种形式的可见用户界面, 以及用户是否可以采取操作来移动或更改组件的大小。These identifiers indicate whether a component has some form of visible user interface and whether the user can take actions to move or alter the size of the component.