ItemBoundsPortion 枚举


指定从中检索边框的列表视图项的一部分。Specifies a portion of the list view item from which to retrieve the bounding rectangle.

public enum class ItemBoundsPortion
public enum ItemBoundsPortion
type ItemBoundsPortion = 
Public Enum ItemBoundsPortion


Entire 0

应检索整个项的边框,包括图标、项文本和子项文本(如果显示)。The bounding rectangle of the entire item, including the icon, the item text, and the subitem text (if displayed), should be retrieved.

Icon 1

应检索图标或小图标的边框。The bounding rectangle of the icon or small icon should be retrieved.

ItemOnly 3

应检索图标或小图标的边框以及项文本。The bounding rectangle of the icon or small icon and the item text should be retrieved. ListView 的详细信息视图以外的所有其他视图中,该值与 Entire 值指定的边框相同。In all views except the details view of the ListView, this value specifies the same bounding rectangle as the Entire value. 在详细信息视图中,该值指定由 Entire 值指定的不带子项的边框。In details view, this value specifies the bounding rectangle specified by the Entire value without the subitems. 如果 CheckBoxes 属性设置为 true,此属性不会将复选框区域包括在其边框中。If the CheckBoxes property is set to true, this property does not include the area of the check boxes in its bounding rectangle. 要包括整个项(包括复选框),请在调用 GetItemRect(Int32) 方法时使用 Entire 值。To include the entire item, including the check boxes, use the Entire value when calling the GetItemRect(Int32) method.

Label 2

应检索项文本的边框。The bounding rectangle of the item text should be retrieved.


调用GetItemRect ListView控件的方法时, 请使用此枚举的成员。Use the members of this enumeration when calling the GetItemRect method of the ListView control. 调用GetBounds ListViewItem类的方法时, 也会使用此枚举。This enumeration is also used when calling the GetBounds method of the ListViewItem class.